Poetry Friday is here!

Poetry is one of my favorites. We can connect to poetry through our feelings and emotions. Poetry doesn’t have to be complete sentences. This allows you to just wright what you feel and think. It allows you to exercise your brain and think beyond. One poem I read this week, I can relate to. I may not go to the beach but I find horses are my way of letting go of my worries.

The Solace of the Ocean: A Sonnet

When I feel overwhelmed and tempest-tossed
and crave perspective and serenity
when life feels like a battle I have lostanimal animals backlit beach
I take myself to wander by the sea
‘Midst drifts of fog or dazzling rays of sun
in dawn’s soft hues or evening’s golden glow
one breath and the enchantment has begun
allegro transforms to adagio
Susurrant surf or tossing, tumbling tide
The redolence of rose in briny air
Such wonders nudge my worries to the side
a heartfelt sigh escapes my lips like prayer
And slowly as I linger and explore
I feel myself become both less and more

written by Molly Hogan
I also enjoy poetry because of the rhythm. Poems that rhyme are so fun to read to the kids. It is funny how fast they catch on to the rhyming words. After my kids listen to poems that rhyme, they will try to create their own list of words that rhyme.

via Poetry Friday is here!

2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday is here!

  1. You post has inspired me! Lol. I haven’t found another post to do like “Monday what are reading”, but after reading this I think I will give Poetry Friday a try. Where do you tend to find the poetry you read? My little one is too young to be successful at rhyming but that doesn’t stop her from trying and it is hilarious. Great idea for a post!


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